• Tabligh Cluster

    On Feb 27 to Mar 3, some 14,500 Malaysians and 1,500 others are believed to have attended a tabligh event held at Masjid Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur. On Mar 9, Brunei announced its first case, a man who attended this event. Since then, it is a race against time to trace and test all who attended.

    It is the biggest and longest-running cluster detected. This cluster was declared in active on July 8, 28 days after the 3,375th patient was detected. The last patient was discharged on July 6, after almost four months in hospital.

    On the day it was declared inactive, the cluster made up 38.9 percent of all cases in Malaysia, affecting seven states. Some 825 non-Malaysians from 28 countries were also infected.

    Read more about the cluster here.

    The government wants to get all of the participants of the tabligh event and their close contacts tested. As of Jul 15, 2020, it has taken 42,023 samples.

    Total tested42,023
    In treatment0

    As of Jul 15, 2020

    The following infographic is based on information released by the Ministry of Health on Jul 15, 2020, to show the spread of infection in this cluster.

    • Index case (1037)

    • 1st Generation (1143)