Key Highlights

1% personal income tax cut

1% cut in personal income tax in the RM50,001 - RM70,000 chargeable income band, from 14% to 13%.

BPR cash aid expanded

Aid of up to RM1,000 per household on number of kids, income and marital status. Income limit RM5,000.

Lifestyle tax relief up RM500

Lifestyle tax relief up to RM3,000, with RM500 for sports-related expenses. Tax rebate allowed for e-newspapers.

Tax relief up for medical treatment

RM8,000 and RM3,000 tax relief for critical medical treatment and private retirement scheme respectively.

No blanket mortarium, some get discount

B40 borrowers get 3 months moratorium or 50% off for 6 months. Flexi payment for M40 borrowers who lost income.

Account 1 withdrawal allowed

EPF Account 1 withdrawal allowed for RM500 a month for up to RM6,000. Employee contribution down to 9% a month.

Milk and laptops for school kids

Free milk for primary school children every day, while 150,000 school students get free laptops.

Childcare for B40

Community centres for urban B40 communities providing childcare after school.

Tax on e-cigarettes and vape liquid

10% excise tax on e-cigarettes and 40 sen per mm on vape liquid.

MY30 card, RM5 for school kids

MY30 monthly pass expanded to Penang & Kuantan. RM5 monthly pass for school kids for some train services.

Pay subsidies continue

Pay subsidy of at least RM600 per month depending on employee. More subsidies if hiring targeted groups.

Some relief for first time home buyers

Stamp duty exemption for first time home buyers. Rent-to-own scheme for 5,000 PR1MA homes.

RM1 bil to fight Covid-19

RM1 bil to fight Covid-19, including budget for buying reagents, PPE, lab equipments etc.

Free pneumococcal vaccine

RM1,000 tax relief for vaccination and free pneumococal vaccination for all children.

RM500 one off aid for MOH frontliners

RM500 cash handout to 100,000 health workers as a token of appreciation.

RM600 for civil servants

RM600 one off cash aid for civil servants Grade 56 and below, RM300 for pensioners and non-pensioners veterans.

Retraining for laid off aviation staff

An allocation of RM50 million to retrain 8,000 aviation industry staff who have been laid off.

RM50 e-wallet for youths

Youths aged 18-20 can get RM50 in their e-wallet.

RM180 telco credit

RM180 telecommunications credit for the B40 to be used for data or as subsidy to purchase a mobile phone.

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