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Death Behind BarsThe forgotten faces who succumbed to brutality

Martin Vengadesan

Today, Dec 10, 2021, is the 73rd International Human Rights Day and we look at custodial deaths, a constant human rights violation which came to the forefront once again in Malaysia.

For many decades, Malaysians have been dying of abuse or neglect in police custody without any meaningful prosecution or signs that this social ill is being addressed.

Let’s visit the virtual graveyard of just a few of the many victims who lost their lives to this chilling phenomenon.


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Published by Kini News Lab on Dec 10, 2021.

  • Project coordinator
    Ooi Choon Nam & Lee Long Hui
  • Researcher & Writer
    Martin Vengadesan
  • Developer & designer
    Yan Jing Tian, Ooi Choon Nam & Lee Long Hui
  • Illustrator
    Syariman Badrulzaman & Yan Jing Tian


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