Ministry of Health (MOH)

State Health Departments

If you suspect you may have been infected, please call your local health department at the numbers here:

Government Agencies

Government Announcement

The government is imposing the following rules from March 18 to April 14, 2020.

  • Blanket ban on public gatherings.
  • Shut down of all businesses and places of worship, except for supermarkets, wet markets, grocery and convenience stores.
  • Overseas travel ban for all Malaysians (returning citizens must undergo 14-day self-quarantine).
  • As at 9.30am, March 18, police have suspended the rule to notify them of inter-state travel, but Malaysians are advised to limit their movements.
  • Shut down of all schools.
  • Shut down of all colleges and universities.
  • All private and public services will be suspended except for essential services - water, electricity, energy, telecommunications, postal services, transport, maritime, fuel, gas, lubricants, broadcast, financial services, banking, healthcare, pharmacies, fire and rescue, jails, ports, airports, security, defence, cleaning and supplying of food.

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